October 6, 2015

Securing Your Parents Homes



Many elderly parents living independently have of late been targeted for theft. It is obvious that such homes are being watched by miscreants.

India has 1.3 police per 1000 citizens, compared with a global median of 3:1000.This does not give us the confidence which we would like to have.

 Search in google “senior citizens+soft targets in india” and you will see loads of articles.

These security systems are must haves especially if your parents leave their home alone, to be with you  for months together. They will give them a sense of security and allow to monitor their tenants(if any), maids and above all for thieves.

They can also be used as a SOS in case they want to contact you in emergency.

In this article some APPS have been listed where you can obtain some basic features of home security systems for free. Using these APPS with the combination of security systems makes it effective and convenient to use.

Facts tell that demand for home security systems have grown to staggering 27 % in past two to three years.

Securing and monitoring your house has never been easier. Install them to automate your house for securing it from intruders.

Once installed, they are a no brainer to operate and will allow you to keep an eye on your home and loved ones irrespective of your location.

Home Security Systems


Technically most security systems include

Magnetic door contacts,
Motion sensors
Glass break detectors
Hooters for raising alarms
Gas and fire sensors to guarantee complete security.

You could choose all or some as per needs and budget.

But remember even the most sophisticated system won’t come to your rescue if you forget to arm it before stepping out.

Links for some of the best brands you could choose in india are provided below:







If you have a spare Internet-connected iPhone, iPad or android phone you could convert it into a free video camera with real-time video and audio streaming, and motion detection and notifications. The best way you could use your old smartphone lying in your home.

Most of them are free do-it-yourself system that can be set up simply by downloading and configuring the app.

To use it consumers install and login to their account on two devices – for example two iPhones. Then they can start the camera within the app on one of the devices and it can be viewed from the app on the other.

Please look into the following sites for Home security APPS





For effective home security it is recommended to opt for

Good brand.

Choose wireless options(these are difficult to disable)

Opt for cloud storage instead of DVD.

You could start with a APP for the purpose but it is best to use a combination of both for effective security of your house.

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