July 3, 2014

Make Your Parents Home Age Friendly



Most seniors live in homes that are more than 20 years old. As these buildings get older, they may become harder to live in or maintain. A house that was perfectly suitable for a senior at age 55, for example, may have too many stairs or slippery surfaces for a person who is 70 or 80.

The main benefit of making home modifications is that they promote independence and prevent accidents. According to a recent  housing survey, “83% of older Indians want to stay in their current homes for the rest of their lives,” but other studies show that most homes are not designed to accommodate the needs of people over age 65.

As your parents age their home will be less accommodating . Toilets are suddenly too low, cabinets too high, and steps are best avoided. This is especially if they have stiff, arthritic joints.

The solution for this is to create a more senior-friendly home for your parents.In technical terms it is called Home Accessibility and means redesigning homes so that seniors can stay in place as they age.

These adjustments can work for any home. Some are major overhauls, but many are easy and inexpensive fixes:

  • Shower chair,grab bars,anti slip mats and improve lighting in bathrooms prevent bathroom falls and add a hand-held shower .These changes would make bathrooms safe and more easy to use.
  • Motion sensor LED lights in bathrooms will be of great help.
  • Raise the toilet a few inches. As you get older, the extensor muscles that straighten your knees weaken, making it harder to get up.
  • Provide seated work areas in kitchen.
  • Reduce furniture so that moving around the house will be more easy for your parents.
  • Changing door knobs and taps to lever types making it more easy for stiff fingers.

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