October 29, 2015

Gift A Garden At Half The Price Of A iPhone




Your Elderly parents suddenly have more spare time, they could do things for which they never had time before.

But it is hard to get inspiration for a new hobby. Professional home garden services have come up in various cities in India, their services include setting up a garden and maintaining it.

You could hire them for your parents and let them have fun.

Advantages of gardening for seniors

  • They would awaken to be rewarded with fresh flowers and juicy tomatoes.
  • It provides moderate exercise and improves mobility and flexibility.  For seniors who don’t have appointments or schedules to keep can get inactive.
  • Gardening is a fun activity ,reduces stress levels and promotes better sleep.
  • Gardening involves bending, stooping, and reaching to provide overall fitness and improvement of motor skills.
  • Therapeutic benefits.
  • There are clear benefits from exercising even just once a week.

Requirements suggested for senior gardening

  • Vertical gardening and raised beds-they can avoid bending for weeding and plucking.
  • Smaller garden space-for easy maintenance.
  • Container gardening-use fibre pots and soil-less mixture.
  • Keep lawn area small for minimal maintenance.
  • Ask for drip water kit.

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Facts about vertical gardening

  • Don’t have to bend- can garden sitting and standing.
  • Can accommodate a huge variety of plants.
  • Uses space well.




To know more about terrace gardening.



Gardening Services for Homes Available in India.

They provide gardening ideas for front yards,backyards, balconies, foyer and terrace gardens. Both large and small areas are taken up. They also provide maintenance services to maintain garden throughout the year. Please explore.






Gardening helps elders  stay busy and is a relatively inexpensive hobby. It is not about having a prize winning garden it is just about getting outdoors, getting regular low impact exercise and having fun.



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