What is this website about?
Most of us who have parents living independently make regular phone calls,skype to be in touch with our parents.

If you’re in your 40s, your parents are probably close to, or into, their 60s or 70s. As you plan your retirement, it’s time to talk to them about theirs.

Even if we rarely doubt ourselves when making decisions for our own children, making decisions for our elderly parents remains inherently ambiguous.

Your parents might be quite independent today, but chances are one day they will need you to take decision for them.

The sooner you take small steps the more prepared your entire family will be.

It’s the elephant in the room. It’s also one of the most important, difficult subjects you and your family will ever face. Sadly, your parents could one day be fine and then suddenly the next day need a great amount of care, so the more prepared you are in advance, the less stressful this might be for your whole family.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions. Educating yourself about the products,services,technology available for elderly makes it easier to approach the problem.

Lots of professional services and products have come up in the market to cater to the needs of elderly persons. We at emptynest are integrating these ideas to enable you to be actively involve with your parents by taking those small but important steps.

What is emptynest ?

It is a feeling of loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home such as to live on their own or attend a university. It only gets worse if within a few years of retirement meaningful and fun loving activities are not picked up.

Who is affected by emptynest ?

Since the adult moving out of the parents house is a healthy event, the symptoms of emptynest often go unrecognised initialy. However over a period of time this can result in loss of purpose for parents.Empty nest feeling can be especially common in full time mothers.

How to cope ?

It can be overcome by not making the children the primary focus of the day. Hobbies, interests,volunteering,classes,travel etc are the short list of experiences waiting for them. If projects have been put-off, then this is the time to include them into your life.

What safety issues are specific to Elderly parents?
There are enough reasons to believe that seniors living independently have been targeted by miscreants, due to age factors involving forgetfulness and slow response time, fire safety becomes crucial. These and many such concerns can be attended through technology and products.

My parents wont receive help easily. What can I do?
Well you are not alone and this is a universal problem. Many older people see themselves as proud survivors. They think ‘I’ve been through good times and bad, so I’ll be fine on my own. Well communication is the key. click here for more.

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What hobbies can my parents pursue?
There are plenty out there. But it is hard to get inspiration for a new hobby. Gardening, photography, wildlife activity, volunteering are only a few options. There are many professionally run organisations which will enable your parents to take these up with ease. We at emptynest.in are integrating with these organisations to bring about the best deals for your parents. Please subscribe with us or follow us regularly on facebook page emptynest.in.


























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  1. Kalyan

    Simple FAQ – Please talk a bit about what this site will cover to help with the issues of the empty nest. — safety, fun, hobbies etc. One question each. Also, how we users can subscribe to keep up to date on new posts, and how to advertise.

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