November 29, 2015

Choosing Travel Destinations For Elderly Parents




For many people, retirement opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Kids are grown and are on their own, and they are no longer tied to your job. This is a chance for them to get away, see the world, and enjoy life.

Understand your elderly parents needs

  • Limited mobility, regular medications that have side effects, tiring easily are issues which a average elderly parents might be facing.
  • Moreover some Seniors move at a different pace, and have different physical,emotional needs. They may not like hour by hour plan.
  • There are enough travelling options available to avoid a regular rigorous itinerary of a tourist in India.

Choosing the destination

  • Right location is the first step towards planning a great trip.
  • Do not choose places with extreme climates.
  • Look for conveniences at our fingertips, ease of transportation.
  • Do not choose a location that presents too many limitations.
  • Consider the time of year and the weather as well. Summer, with its crowds and heat can be challenging to any traveler, and downright no for a senior citizen.
  • Do not try to cram in too many locations, either.
  • Retired persons are used to going at their own pace at home, and do not expect them to switch to a “vacation” mode. It may take hours to have breakfast, get dressed, and plan the day, because that is what happens at home, too.
  • Make only loose plans for each day, and allow for several options depending on the energy level.
  • Sometimes, just a slow walk around the neighborhood or to the lively market stalls will be plenty to fill your parents entire plate.
  • Above all, choose place where they can enjoy the quiet times.


If your elderly parents prefer quiet times, look for a slow-paced 1-week vacation that’s a more unhurried escape than hectic vacation filled with must-see sights.

Some suggested destinations for elderly in India:

  • Andamans - For clean beaches

These destinations does explore a few tourist sites, but mostly it’s about relaxing and enjoying a few beautiful and varied environments.

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