November 2, 2015

Choosing A Mattress For A Elderly Parent



Your elderly parents may need a new mattress if…

  • They wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains.
  • And no, it’s not just because they are getting older. It dips likes a hammock and is all lumpy.

Mattresses like us wear out and fatigue over time. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 5 to 7 year. Possibly the biggest problem we encounter with our elderly is to convince them that something is wrong with their current mattress.

What Specific Types of Mattress are Best for Elderly/Seniors?

The best mattress to buy for older people requires a high level of comfort combined with excellent support for aging joints. It’s a fact of life that joints begin to wear out and causes aches and pains as we age.

The same traits that make a mattress a best buy for someone with back problems or for those who demand a high level of support are the traits you look for, when asking what is the best mattress to buy for elderly.

A too soft mattress will not support the spine or worse will throw it out of alignment causing morning backaches.


Memory foam Mattress
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Memory foam mattresses have become very popular with senior citizens today. The cheap versions with low density foam may be too soft to provide proper support but the high density memory foam is a different matter.

High density memory foam may feel very firm when you lie down on it but as your body heat spreads to the foam, the surface molds itself to the curves of your spine.

For side sleepers, memory foam mattresses allow the shoulder to rest comfortably without putting the discs out of position.

One big advantage with memory foam is its ability to reduce motion transfer from one sleeper to another.


Memory foam may well be the answer to “what is the best mattress to buy for older people” but there are adjustments to be made.

The foam provides a new type of sleeping surface that is not what you may be accustomed to. It can take up to a month to become used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Older people may not be comfortable with the new mattress simply because the feel is different than what they’ve been used to for many years.


Latex Mattress


Made entirely of rubber these are durable mattresses. They are often very breathable. It is good choice for allergy or asthma sufferers because they don’t support the growth of those pesky little dust mites.

Natural latex foam mattresses are also a good alternative as the best mattress for older people. They have more spring to them than memory foam and recover their shape instantly when body position changes.

If you are concerned about your ability to adapt to the totally new sleeping experience of a foam mattress, latex mattress may be a good choice.


They are not as efficient as memory foam in supporting the spine.

Further since they are breathable, in cold winters the cold air trapped in bed could actually make the joints stiff in mornings.

Test the mattress

Many Sleep stores have come up in India, it is best if your parents spend 10min on each type mattress before they decide on what to buy.


High quality heavy density memory foam has clear advantages but if your parents can’t adjust to this new surface then latex is the best alternative mattress. To know what is comfortable it is best that your parents try themselves at the sleep store.

Leading sleep stores in India:

Tempur-Top of the line memory foam mattresses

Sleepwell- has a mattress with memory foam on one side and latex on the other side.

Godrej – They have 100% pure latex mattress


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