October 27, 2015

Bathroom Falls – Act If Your Parents Have Reached Mid 60’s


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Act fast if your parents have reached mid 60’s or have shown signs of falls.

The bathroom is the place in the home where the most accidents occur.

Over 30% of individuals over 65 fall at least once per year. Many of these falls have serious consequences, such as a hip fracture, head injuries seriously affecting  the quality of life of a senior.

Wet type bathrooms(no separate shower area), slick floors, small spaces,insufficient lighting, sharp edges and few things to grasp increase chances for dangerous falls. This is further complicated by other influences such as medication side-effects, reduced physical abilities and reduced vision.

Shower cabinets if used are even more dangerous because one tends to hold onto them in the event of fall.They simply can’t take load making a fall even more fatal.

One bad accident around the house is enough to severely hinder independence and mobility, which is the last thing anyone wants.


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Here are 9 simple tips to help your loved one avoid bathroom injuries:

  • A hand shower.
  • Consider placing a shower chair in bathroom.
  • Place non-skid mats/tape on the floor in shower area.
  • Install atleast 3  grab bars in bathroom. Use solid screws. Then, test them for strength and stability by grabbing onto them as if you were actually falling.
  • Separate shower area with curtains(shower cabinets are not advised for elderly) to keep bathrooms dry at the entrance.
  • Make sure the towels, soap and shampoo are within easy reach from the shower.
  • Put nightlights or motion lighting on the path from your loved one’s bedroom to the bathroom, and even in the bathroom itself.
  • Use LED lights for brightness and reliability.
  • The toilet can be modified with a raised toilet seat. It will put less strain on the knees of your loved ones

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When it comes to bathroom safety, you and your loved one cannot afford to cut any corners. A safe bathroom will give you the peace of mind that your loved one can go to the bathroom or bathe with a significantly lowered risk of injury.

Three grab bars,anti slip mats/tape, a couple of LED lights won’t cost you a bomb avoiding it could…


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